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Please read the Wikipedia explanation of EME

          VK2SN was active on Earth Moon Earth back in 2006 and then 2010. Since then the locations where we have lived could not cater for the EME Antenna set-up.

Currently VK2SN has a single 12 element 144 mhz (2M) M2 Antenna Corp (USA) 2M12 yagi with a Yaesu Azimuth-Elevation combination rotator mounted on a small ground tower. 

Antenna feed connects into tower mounted LNA and the PC controlled RF - RX/TX switching box. Split TX and RX coax cables exit the Switching Box and the RX coax directly feeds into the the RX modification of the Kenwood TS 2000x Ham Radio and the TX coax feeds into a LZ2US Amplifier then directly into the TX nodification of the TS 2000X.


The TS2000X is connected to the PC via a Yaesu SCU-17 PC Interface and using the Software program WSJT - JT65A and JT65B for decoding of the digital signal.

VK2SN has worked over 100 Earth Moon Earth contacts.

Our current location is a difficult space for a complete EME setup and the Amplifier is down and needs repair. So EME transmission are on hold until we find a better location and fix the 2M Amplifier.

The Antenna Images on the RIGHT are of my past 70cm EME 4 X M2 designed Yagi's built December 2005 and the Antenna Images on the LEFT built September 2006 is the Shorter version after the neighbours complained. This is the set-up used for all my EME contacts on the 70cm (432Mhz) Band.

I find EME the most exciting concept for Ham Radio. Its fun to communicate with others around the World by bouncing your signal off the moon ! It is also a technical challenge in design, build and operation, this is what makes Ham Radio a challenging and fun interest.


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